It’s So Fluffy!

Watched Despicable Me today. Liked it a lot! So cute!

Had a belated birthday lunch today and it was nice. Had a belated dinner a few days ago too. Thank you! 🙂

Finally bought a yoga mat today after years of thinking of getting one. This time is because my tummy is growing at an alarming rate. It’s because of eating and no exercise and a lot of sitting in the office. So I thought sometimes I’m lazy to go swim or sometimes it’s too late to go swim then there’s still an option to do sit ups at home or learn to do yoga at home.

Cooking is still in the plan. It isn’t that difficult actually. Once I get used to it, it will be easy to do and will not find it as a chore. I made myself long cabbage + carrot + meat ball + tang hoon soup yesterday. Had two big bowls of it and feeling so contented. I really like soup a lot.

Tomorrow’s a day off for me. I have not had a holiday since CNY and I thought I should get one. Just a day to recharge, run some errands, get a body massage maybe, learn yoga, or maybe swim and then cook and enjoy some TV.

My balcony was in a mess because I have plants that have been left unattended so it’s all dried up and dying and some dead long ago. There is also a mysterious twig lying in the balcony and I have no idea how it got there. Threw the dead plants away, revived the dying ones and today one of it stood proud.

I’m thinking about lots of things too. Like how I woke up and find myself dreaming about a crush I had in high school. Until now whenever I see him, which is quite rare, maybe once in 2 years or if I’m lucky once a year, I still have that crushy feeling. He is like the perfect guy though in reality I’m not sure since I’ve not really get along with him and never gotten a chance to really communicate or anything of that sort. I guess it will remain like that forever and I will always have a crush. We all used to have a crush towards someone, don’t we?

I’m also imagining how my future house will be like. I have a desire to own a place and make it mine, whether or not if I’ll share it with my future boyfriend/husband. This one is a bit challenging though.

I also have plans to further my studies. I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time too. I plan to maybe study before I hit 30 or maximum when I’m 30. Just to get some more exposure (thinking of going Down Under) and take a break from work while I still can, while I’m still young, while I’m still single. Or if I suddenly get attached, we’ll see how lor.

Actually leh, tomorrow I just feel like doing nothing but then I feel like my day will be wasted. But then holiday is supposed to be doing nothing right? But you know what I did? Because I’m not working tomorrow, I actually spent like 3-4 hours to finish off some work on Saturday so that I can have a better Tuesday. So…in a way, I’m not really taking Monday off, considering that I brought 3-4 hours of Monday in advance to Saturday. Am I crazy or what?

I don’t feel stressed or whatsoever doing that, just that my mind keeps telling me a holiday means doing anything but work. But on the other hand, my mind tells me a holiday is to utilise it to do whatever you have no time to do when you have work and not just waste it by sitting and doing nothing. So the stressed part is when I’m not sure whether I should take a day off because I don’t have very strong reasons why I should take a day off because I usually take a few days off because I’m either going somewhere for holiday or….yea going somewhere for holiday. So…just to take one day off without going anywhere in particular make me feel weird?

You see….I’m very capable of this. It’s just a bloody day off and I’m stressing myself out!!!

Ok, let’s just go sleep!

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  1. :)) workaholic!

    go for a holiday somewhere where it makes u look stupid if u r working… to some island for example :)

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