The Preparation

I’m in a bit of a mess. There is a lot that I’m thinking, I found myself wondering about the many situations, visioning the many possible scenarios, picturing how I would like things to turn out and unfold. This is something out of the daily routine I’m going through and it’s going to be quite an experience and adventure for me. I’m very excited and thrilled and at the same time worried. It was more of worrying at the beginning but as I get to do more research on my own, I have better knowledge of things and so the worrying part is decreasing.

I also found myself going through some of the same details 3 or 5 times. Planning the perfect itinerary. Reading, reading and reading every free time that I get.

I’ve not been cooking the entire week because there are too many things running through my mind and I’m just not capable of churning out meals when my mind is so heavy. My Japanese potato salad is very overdue. Hah! I’m only starting to clear my laundry, fold the clothes and iron them today.

Tomorrow I need to be more productive as this will be my last weekend before I travel. It is going to be a crucial week for me and I need to manage my time very wisely. Declutter myself. Turn back to the original Grace and just move forward.

I believe everything happens for a reason. The period when I have been staying alone, getting used to eating alone, going out alone, doing things alone and being alone…those are not that bad at all. I have learnt to be comfortable when being alone. The only challenge now is to take that and apply it in a different location, a new location which at first is very intimidating but I guess it’s just going to be the same. Maybe a little frightening the first day or two but I should be fine thereafter.

I want to be fine.

And now some sleep!

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  1. Sounds terribly exciting, this trip of yours! Here’s wishing you a sane, organised week and trip ahead. Can’t wait to read your travelogue when you get back. Take care!

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