Unexpected Change of Events

2 main things today. I was ecstatic during the day, sleepy and tired in the afternoon, exhausted and disappointed in the evening and now that it’s night, I just want to let everything sink in and accept things as they are.

I’m lucky to get my visa application approved today. The guys before me was treated quite nastily if you asked me. I would have felt humiliated and intimidated if I was being questioned like that. When it was my turn, it ended in less than 5 minutes and the officer didn’t even look at one of my supporting documents.

I was all happy until I was informed that I had to fly earlier than scheduled. I will not explain why because it will only drive me mad again.

I’m consoling myself that if I fly earlier, I would have more time to adjust from my jet lag.

I need a good night’s sleep to cure me now.

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