The Umbrella – Part 2

I think this entry is too long to fit into my iPhone screen, hence part 2.

After getting my visa, 10 years multiple entries. 🙂 I walked back to Ampang Park, took the LRT back to KLCC and finally felt so relieved.

Oh one more thing was that while I was driving earlier, someone called me to get my birth date to book for a flight which will auto cancel by 3 pm if it’s not confirmed. I was driving so I didn’t sense the phone call. when I parked and saw the phone it was already 2.55pm. My heart raced like shit. Returned call immediately and got the tickets issued.

I came back home after that and still had to catch up on my work.

Lesson learnt: always have at least 2 umbrellas in the car. If one fails you, there’s always another one waiting to serve you.

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