Hope is a Dream that Never Sleeps

…is the song I’m listening to right now. It will be on my playlist for a while. It’s a soundtrack from the Korean series – Bread, Love and Dreams, I’m watching currently. Love this series to bits. Just watched 2 episodes and I’ve got 4 more to go before I finish the whole series. So very tempted to continue watching but I’m restraining myself, else I will not be sleeping.

I finally have my me-time to myself now. Everyone’s in the house is asleep. It’s just me, the song and the computer. It’s been awhile since I have this kind of me-time. Parents are here and work never stops flowing in. I hardly get to see my sister too because she is as equally busy, perhaps even busier. There are days where I’ll be awake before her and then I”ll be asleep before she gets home. Some days she’ll leave the house earlier in the morning while I’m still asleep. Just on Sunday, she told me we’ve not had a one-to-one session for quite some time. I would say a month because I was overseas and then we’ve both been busy since I came back.

Lately, I have a kind of dreamy feeling. Sometimes I find myself smiling to myself, for no particular reason. It feels like I’m in love but then there’s no one that I’m seeing, let alone love. And if I go deeper within, I feel the desire to love someone really badly. Weird but true.


Write, Gracie. Write!

It’s been a month.

I still want to write about my trip to the US but I have not been able to find time. The only time I have now is to write about today and I have a dying feeling to write tonight. I will definitely, will, MUST, write about my trip to the US but tonight I’m just going to write as normal…a post summary would be good.

I have been busy since I came back but I’m enjoying being busy. I feel different after coming back. Feel a little grown up. It is one of the most memorable trips so far that I have. Firstly is because I flew alone so far by myself. The feeling of reaching your final destination safely is a very good feeling indeed. Secondly, I’m glad that I made the decision to extend the trip personally even though I know I had no company at the point of time the decision was made. I think I had a couple of sleepless nights to thinking and deciding if I should extend my trip. Thirdly, the feeling of reaching home after 3 weeks being abroad is nice too. I’m going to tell you I love Malaysia even more now. Maybe I’m just homesick but there are things you’ll come to appreciate, despite it flaws. You’ll even come to love the bad thing about it because that’s what makes Malaysia.

There’s also one thing that I noticed that there are lots of pretty ladies around in this city of ours. I like to do people watching and have enjoyed watching people the past week or so. I know it’s weird to make it sound like there are not pretty ladies elsewhere or I was at the wrong place but really lor, I’ve been seeing a lot of pretty people lately and it has been awhile since I see a lot of pretty ladies around so it got me into realising this.

I know I’d be smiling if I was stuck in a traffic jam on the day I was back because I know getting stuck in a jam means I’m back home.

I had to meet up with my friends. Not seeing them for about a month makes me feel so sick. haha.

I love being able to drive again.

There’s one more thing I’m very eager to do. To catch a movie in the CINEMA. Aiyoh, I cannot imagine not going for more than a month now!

I’m glad I’m home but I think I’m addicted to travelling. I want to go on another holiday again. That will have to wait till next year.