Bye November

Someone asked me if I would be free for lunch then I thought about a colleague who is on leave which leaves just me and another colleague, so I thought I’d postpone the lunch so that my colleague will not be eating alone.

I was about to leave work when suddenly a colleague needed help to work on something that she’s not done before but had to get it done the same day itself. We explored together. She reading the instructions, me clicking the mouse. Time flies and it was already 9:30pm. I reached home at 10pm. Although I missed having done anything that night, like soaking up in a book at home, (and I missed dinner), I just I couldn’t bear to live her alone, knowing what it’s like to be dumped with something so raw to you.

I think I love my colleagues a lot.

December is here in 10 minutes. It has been a busy and tiring November. I’ve been working too hard, my skin looks like shit. I didn’t cook a single meal this month so that’s really bad.

I cooked mung bean soup today to get started. A random and sudden decision. I opened the cabinet, I saw mung beans, I cooked. Had that for dessert and will have it for breakfast tomorrow.

if perfect’s what you’re searching for, then just stay the same.

– bruno mars

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