Say Grace

I just want to say thank you for all things and blessings bestowed upon me.

I worked today on a public holiday. Working today feels like I’m working on a Friday. I think it’s really nice if we can have a break mid-week every week like today.

Had early dinner at the hawker stall. Had dessert at a new place. Bought 3 pairs of earrings. They are adorable. A hair band too, I finally get to tie my hair!!! 🙂

Bought bread at this bakery that had almost nothing left in it. It must be so good. We bought a Japanese chocolate and a butter milk loaf.

Got some toiletries and groceries.

That few hours felt like I had a holiday today summarized in 3 hours.

I just noticed that my top navigation bar is missing. This site is so lack of love, I’m to be blamed.

A Holiday is What I Need

What I really need now is a day by a villa with a pool, I want to do just nothing and enjoy the moment.

To simulate that, I was doing some stretching exercises on the yoga mat while playing the sound of the ocean on my iPhone.

But it still doesn’t feel right.

The Phone Call

My mind has been occupied since Monday. Something is bugging me. Each time it re-surfaced, I pushed it back to my mind, telling myself I will deal with it later. This is a problem that has been following me for 2 years or more. I’ve never felt so helpless.

Today it got worse and while I was driving home after dinner with a friend, I didn’t feel good. I had this burning urge to make a phone call. Usually that person will not answer my call but this time I used a different number and he answered. I think he was shocked that I called and I was surprised that he answered since he has been avoiding all form of contact, phone call, SMS…for yeah…2 years or more. I’ve begged, I’ve scolded him, I’ve cursed, I’ve plead…you name it.

No one has ever done that to me.

Anyway, the problem is still not solved but I hope he means what he said. It will take some time but slowly and surely, I know this problem will be resolved. I used to be very very angry with this person. Very very mad. But when I decided to make that phone call today, I told myself I have to sound nice.

Now it’s back to bedtime stories time. I’m reading Eat.Pray.Love