2010 Rewind

December: Took the last working week of the year off. Visited Singapore. Loved it! Love Marina Bay Sands, love the night view, love the sense of security walking around, love the awesome public transportation, love it that it’s clean. Had a great time at Universal Studios. I miss the food in Malaysia though so it’s good to be back.

November: Worked very hard.

October: Busy with work.

September: Obsessed with Korean series: Bread, Love and Dreams. I was watching the KBS Drama Awards 2010 last night and realised I watched almost all dramas that were nominated. I feel like learning the Korean language.

August: Went on a business trip to United States of America. Extended my stay by travelling partly alone to Chicago. If you ask me what’s significant about 2010, it would be this trip. It has been one of my dreams to travel abroad for work. It’s sweeter knowing that I worked for it to happen. I’m very happy that after the trip, I’m entrusted with more challenging work and was given the opportunity to work on an expanded job scope.

July: Got myself a yoga mat and started stretching.

June: When love and hate collide, it makes you sick. Very sick.

May: Unifi. Byebye to slow Internet speed. “Streaming” was the word of the month.

April: Fell sick.

March: It’s an animal month. Cat come visiting me. Monkey come visiting me.

February: CNY

January: I wrote something like this I think.


Happy Boxing Day

I was just trying my luck to see this site is up. It was down since Christmas eve because the auto-renewal of this domain didn’t go through. I’m glad that it’s up now!

Hope you had a nice Christmas.

Didn’t go to any countdown or party as I wanted to have a quiet Christmas. When you’ve been working hard for the past few weeks, all you want is just some peace and time for yourself. I have the entire week off and I will be travelling down to Singapore tomorrow. Yippie!

I will be back before the year ends. See ya.



It’s Winter Solstice. A chaotic one.

There was a gift exchange  and I’ve never really like the gift exchanges session I used to have. They never seem to go right, at least for me. I’m going to be very whiny today so please bear with me. The gift that I got today is alright, until the person who bought the gift, announced that it is actually a recycled gift right at my face and with the group of people involved with the exchange. And then dived deeper into how the recycled gift came about. Who in the world announces that they’ve just got you a recycled gift anyway? For a moment there, I didn’t know how to react or respond. But out of courtesy and manners, I just smiled and said thank you. Heartbreak #1.

Then, Iris and I went to Esquire Kitchen for dinner, thinking we can have dinner there and then have tong yuen. After we ordered our dishes, the waitress told another table that they have ran out of tong yuen. It’s only 8pm. How can they run out of tong yuen? Heartbreak #2.

So, we were thinking to have dessert at SS2 where they serve tong yuen as well. Oh My God, the queue. We gave up and I have to settle without any tong yuen today. Heartbreak #3.

I’m still not over with the fact yet because it just feels like something is missing. And because I’ve been like planning since yesterday and thinking about tong yuen since yesterday so it felt crappy when things didn’t go as planned today.

There were other choices like Soya Shop in One U or The Curve but you know how bad the traffic was today, right? I was following the tweets and One U traffic light wasn’t functioning. The tunnel along Persiaran Surian is flooded and bla bla bla. In the end, that was a no-go zone.

My head is heavy now. Mind tired. Eyes tired. Sleepy. Unfulfilled. Restless. I need to de-stress and calm myself down on the yoga mat later.

Hope you had your share of nice glutinuous rice balls!

Maybe next year, I”ll make my own tong yuen or get some from the supermarket beforehand.

Okie, I rest my case and will let this be over now. I don’t want to go to bed angry and disappointed.




This has got to be one of my favourite Korean restaurants!

I was so delighted to know they have a branch in Kota Damansara. There’s something about dining here that makes you happy. The waiters are attentive and happy. The food is good. I had beef rib soup, served with rice. Tasted like heaven, especially on a rainy day like today. I love soupy meals on cold days.

I was here about 3 weeks ago with a friend and we had BBQ. Oh God, my heart was smiling eating pork and beef wrapped in lettuce. It feels so sinful and yet so healthy at the same time.

I will be coming back for more!

Whenever I’m in Kota Damansara, Iris and I would definitely go to Hokkaido Japanese Pastry House. This is like the most amazing bakery ever. Simple interior but serves bread like taste a million dollar. The bread smells really nice. Fragrant. Soft. This is definitely my favourite bakery.

Both of these places makes my tummy go round!


Breathe Again

…that’s how it feels like today.

I FINALLY have the weekend to myself (sort of). Pappy is in town again, that’s why the (sort of). I told him I just want to stay at home. But of course, we go out for meals and I still take him to wherever he needs to be. But that’s just it.

The end of the year is the period where I need to renew my domain names and hosting plans. This reminds me of this domain name that I have bought for a year or so or more. I’ve been telling myself I will build a website for myself with that domain but never got to it. There were efforts in wanting to put it up but I didn’t see through it so it has been left abandoned again.

Last night, I had this sudden urge and desire and motivation and enthusiasm to do something about it. So yes, I’m staying up later than I should again but 2 nights in a row because I’m so absorbed in building the site. But you know what? I feel really really happy. There’s just something about building things, making things look pretty on the Web that makes me feel so alive.

It makes me want to wake up and start the day so that I continue to work on it. It makes me not want to go to bed because I just want to continue and not stop.

I really got to stop now. Good night! 🙂