Breathe Again

…that’s how it feels like today.

I FINALLY have the weekend to myself (sort of). Pappy is in town again, that’s why the (sort of). I told him I just want to stay at home. But of course, we go out for meals and I still take him to wherever he needs to be. But that’s just it.

The end of the year is the period where I need to renew my domain names and hosting plans. This reminds me of this domain name that I have bought for a year or so or more. I’ve been telling myself I will build a website for myself with that domain but never got to it. There were efforts in wanting to put it up but I didn’t see through it so it has been left abandoned again.

Last night, I had this sudden urge and desire and motivation and enthusiasm to do something about it. So yes, I’m staying up later than I should again but 2 nights in a row because I’m so absorbed in building the site. But you know what? I feel really really happy. There’s just something about building things, making things look pretty on the Web that makes me feel so alive.

It makes me want to wake up and start the day so that I continue to work on it. It makes me not want to go to bed because I just want to continue and not stop.

I really got to stop now. Good night! 🙂

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