It’s Winter Solstice. A chaotic one.

There was a gift exchange  and I’ve never really like the gift exchanges session I used to have. They never seem to go right, at least for me. I’m going to be very whiny today so please bear with me. The gift that I got today is alright, until the person who bought the gift, announced that it is actually a recycled gift right at my face and with the group of people involved with the exchange. And then dived deeper into how the recycled gift came about. Who in the world announces that they’ve just got you a recycled gift anyway? For a moment there, I didn’t know how to react or respond. But out of courtesy and manners, I just smiled and said thank you. Heartbreak #1.

Then, Iris and I went to Esquire Kitchen for dinner, thinking we can have dinner there and then have tong yuen. After we ordered our dishes, the waitress told another table that they have ran out of tong yuen. It’s only 8pm. How can they run out of tong yuen? Heartbreak #2.

So, we were thinking to have dessert at SS2 where they serve tong yuen as well. Oh My God, the queue. We gave up and I have to settle without any tong yuen today. Heartbreak #3.

I’m still not over with the fact yet because it just feels like something is missing. And because I’ve been like planning since yesterday and thinking about tong yuen since yesterday so it felt crappy when things didn’t go as planned today.

There were other choices like Soya Shop in One U or The Curve but you know how bad the traffic was today, right? I was following the tweets and One U traffic light wasn’t functioning. The tunnel along Persiaran Surian is flooded and bla bla bla. In the end, that was a no-go zone.

My head is heavy now. Mind tired. Eyes tired. Sleepy. Unfulfilled. Restless. I need to de-stress and calm myself down on the yoga mat later.

Hope you had your share of nice glutinuous rice balls!

Maybe next year, I”ll make my own tong yuen or get some from the supermarket beforehand.

Okie, I rest my case and will let this be over now. I don’t want to go to bed angry and disappointed.


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