2010 Rewind

December: Took the last working week of the year off. Visited Singapore. Loved it! Love Marina Bay Sands, love the night view, love the sense of security walking around, love the awesome public transportation, love it that it’s clean. Had a great time at Universal Studios. I miss the food in Malaysia though so it’s good to be back.

November: Worked very hard.

October: Busy with work.

September: Obsessed with Korean series: Bread, Love and Dreams. I was watching the KBS Drama Awards 2010 last night and realised I watched almost all dramas that were nominated. I feel like learning the Korean language.

August: Went on a business trip to United States of America. Extended my stay by travelling partly alone to Chicago. If you ask me what’s significant about 2010, it would be this trip. It has been one of my dreams to travel abroad for work. It’s sweeter knowing that I worked for it to happen. I’m very happy that after the trip, I’m entrusted with more challenging work and was given the opportunity to work on an expanded job scope.

July: Got myself a yoga mat and started stretching.

June: When love and hate collide, it makes you sick. Very sick.

May: Unifi. Byebye to slow Internet speed. “Streaming” was the word of the month.

April: Fell sick.

March: It’s an animal month. Cat come visiting me. Monkey come visiting me.

February: CNY

January: I wrote something like this I think.

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  1. My trip to the US changed the way I look at certain people and certain things, and I hope your trip did make an impact in your life too! :D

    Happy New Year, Grace! I wish you good health and lots of warmth and love :D

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