Learning Korean


I’m into my 5th Korean lesson and loving it! I’m able to write very slowly and read very slowly now. The only thing I need to do now is to spend some minimum time on weekday nights after work to revise because it’s getting tougher with each lesson. It keeps me busy really so I don’t have time to feel lonely or anything because you will find me reading online, flipping dictionary, checking out Korean apps on my iPhone, revising my past lessons, tuning into KBS World just to watch about anything that’s showing, trying to read/pronounce Korean words when I come across any…on the menu, signboards.

If you’ve learnt Chinese, Korean is not that difficult in comparison. In terms of Chinese words, it’s either you know it or you don’t because every word is unique and you got to memorise the words to recognise it. There’s really no formula of how the words are being formed. Korean is different in the sense that they are made up of a set of vowels and consonants so once you master those, you can pronounce words even though you  may not know what it means.

It puts a smile on my face whenever I come across Korean words that sounds like Chinese for example mountain is “san” in Chinese, it’s also “san” in Korean. They have a lot of loan words from English too like camera, banana, radio, juice, pronounced as ka-me-ra, pa-na-na, ra-di-o, ju-se.

Alright, time for revision!

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