End of May

Finally…I can sit back and relax a little.

  1. I really love my new laptop. The JBL speakers on my Dell is  just so awesome, it makes it hard to believe they are laptop speakers.
  2. Went on a blind date. The guy is ok but I’m not attracted to him. Something might be wrong with me.
  3. Still recovering from the annoying cough. It attacks me out of a sudden and I’ll need to cough a few loud cough and then try to calm it down. Then it repeats.
  4. Changed seating place at work. Kinda like the new place, albeit a little colder, a little noisier and with a little less freedom.
  5. I’m finally learning to construct sentences in Korean.
  6. Salary increment letter is here!
  7. I think I finally found my dream moisturiser. Laneige Water Bank  Hydro Gel.

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