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최고의 사랑

Today is totally a me-day.

Went for Korean class as usual. Came home and watched the remaining 6 episodes of the 16-episode Korean drama “Greatest Love”. Feel totally unhealthy because I was watching it for 6 hours straight but….I just couldn’t help it. This drama just got me hooked on!

A very heart-warming, funny and light-hearted drama. I’m in love with the actor, Cha Seung-Won (차승원). I wouldn’t say he’s drop-dead handsome but he melts my heart. His character is cool and funny at the same time. There were scenes that just make you tear a little but it’s the kind of cry I like, makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

I enjoy the thrill of following through each episodes, and when you know you are left with just a few more to go, you keep telling yourself you need to rest or go to bed because it’s time up but then you tell yourself to just watch a little bit more, or one episode more…and when you reach the last episode, you can’t wait to know how it’s going to end but when it’s approaching the last few minutes, you know it’s going to end soon and it’s like you are going to graduate from this drama-watching session. And when it’s finally over, there’s this nice feeling that showers upon you. When you realise again that it’s finally over, probably a few hours later, you feel something is missing and that there is nothing to catch anymore, no episodes to watch. Another new drama series to catch you’d say? But I think I’m going give it a break….(I will see how long I can stand!!)  I think I will be safe because I have nothing on my to-watch-list.

Good night, my love, wherever you are.

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