Learning Korean

한국어 (Korean Language)

Why do most of the Korean drama series OST always sound so nice?

I used to just listen to them but not understand a word.

I still don’t understand the whole song but I understand a few words and there. But I’m starting to dig into it. Looking at lyrics, I don’t rely on romanization anymore, I want to train myself to read purely hangul (Korean characters).

I’m able to understand some words too when I watch Korean drama now. I have my little “a-ha!” moments and it feels great.

Really, I’m just loving the learning language more day by day. If you ask me why…I don’t have a specific reason. I just…you it.

It keeps me occupied. Keeps my mind away from problems I don’t want to think about. I’m in deep shit now so when I just want to just not think about anything, I flip open my file and start working on my Korean lesson homework. I listen to songs. Actually I like doing homework now. I’m the kind who likes to study. As long as I have something to learn, I’m happy.

I have to stay back at night to attend a conference call tomorrow so I’m going to have a dinner with a friend, who’s working at the opposite office tower. After dinner, we are going to study Korean together. Then, I’ll head back to the office.

Because I’ve been writing about my Korean learning journey lately, I think it should have a category for it – Learning Korean.


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