1. When the phone conversation ended this morning, my heart sank and I thought to myself that I could have done better. It took me awhile to actually get over the fact that what’s done is done and I should just take it as an experience and learn from it.
  2. Someone tested my patience today but I’m all good now.
  3. Someone can’t stop telling me about what’s happening, downright to the details of things that’s supposed to be private and confidential. That person has no problem of bearing it all but I had problems listening to it. The worst thing is that person doesn’t know it’s not very appropriate to be revealing stuff like that. I appreciate that this person has the trust to confide in me but it’s affecting me and I don’t know how to tell this person not to tell me things like that anymore.
  4. Checking out Google+
  5. It’s 9:25pm and I’m still waiting for my sister to have dinner with me.



The word “busy” is an understatement.

I have more on my plate and it’s growing by the day. I just feel that everyone wants a piece of me. I have so many things going on at the same time and they are important that I don’t know how to prioritise anymore. I’m just doing a little bit of everything to get things moving. I can’t afford to leave any of it idle for the time being. Korean language revision has come to a halt this week and I definitely need to find time tomorrow or the day after to just at least read something. Feel like drowning but I know I got to keep pushing..got to keep kicking…got to keep swimming…definitely must stay AFLOAT!

And if that’s not enough, I have opportunities knocking on the door. I’m happy but at the same time questioning if it’s time to leave yet. I like what I’m doing now, where I am…though I know there is always room for more money. ka-ching! And opportunities don’t always come. But things are really blooming and growing where I am now…WHY…must it always happen at a time like these?

Perhaps…I’ll just try them out to see if it’s really greener out there or not. If it is, it’s time to re-think. If it isn’t, then I will consider blessed that I’m in a good place.

Am listening to a Japanese song by Chihiro Onitsuka – “Gekkou” which means Moonlight. really nice.

I am God’s child…


There’s always a first time for everything.

My friends were late and so I found myself singing for the first half an hour.

It just felt so sad.

I had a good time after that when they finally came but will never forget that 30 minutes that I’m alone.


29 years, 1 day, 12 minutes old.

Mee Pok for breakfast. Then, I told myself it’s brunch because I didn’t had lunch.

My lunch was an apple which I told myself it sounds more like tea.

Followed tweets and news half of the day on Bersih.

Home alone.

Finally, the word Bersih got to me and I ended up “bersih-ing” the house. I was so bored staying in the house the whole day.

TV. TV. Internet. Internet. iPhone. iPhone. (Not necessary in that sequence.)

Cooked dinner.

Surprise birthday cake from my sister.

Home alone.

Nevertheless, thank you for all the birthday wishes!

Birthday 2.9

I’m 29 years and 1 hour old.

It’s an unusual day because there will be a BERSIH 2.0 rally in town, roads will be blocked and I will be home celebrating my BIRTHDAY 2.9. My sister calls it house arrest.

생일 축하해 (Happy Birthday)