Air Tickets

I’ve spent most of my money on flight tickets within these days. It’s not even funny.

First, there’s this KL-Seoul return ticket that I’ve bought for next year.

Then, there’s this KL-KK return ticket for 2.

Followed by, KL-Singapore return ticket.

The best part is….after buying the KL-Singapore ticket, I just realised my visit coincides with Singapore F1 Grand Prix..which means hotel rates are ridiculous. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry but I have to be there anyway F1 or not so I’m finding ways to justify my spending.

The only way I can  comfort myself is by telling myself, “Money earned is to be spent and money can be earned again.”

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  1. At one time, I deliberately banned myself from visiting the AirAsia website! But you were right, we work hard to earn some money, so we should spend those money doing what we enjoy most :D

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