Take a Step Back

I think God is fair. I cannot have everything. I know this but don’t we all want everything or at least that something when we want to have it even though everything else is fine? I did a lot of self-talking yesterday and today because I wasn’t feeling very contented after a discussion but I told myself to step back and look around again. I may have just call it quits and decide to quit and prepare for an exit without even trying to find an alternative or try to speak up and voice it out..if this were to happened few years ago.

Today, I spoke my mind and I will look forward and hope for changes. I will give myself a grace period to see if things would change and if it still doesn’t and if I still feel what I felt yesterday, I would then allow myself to move on.

Dinner for One

So here’s my first try at Kimchi Fried Rice (김치 볶음밥). Not too bad, just that there were some missing ingredients: spring onion and hot pepper paste (고추장) to make it a little spicier. I didn’t have enough kimchi for the amount of rice I had too but it’s ok…there’s always a next time in cooking this again. And now…I have a reason to visit the Korean mart to get my ingredients. The next dish I’d like to try is Korean Soybean Paste Stew (된장찌개). This has got to be one of my most favourite Korean dishes.

Kimchi Fried Rice


A productive day.

Went to the post office to collect a registered letter. This registered letter is the nicest letter I’ve ever had for the past 4 years. It has always been letters from the bank, letters for police summonses and all of those are not because of my wrongdoings. (I may write about this one day). It was raining and luckily there was a parking spot for me after circling twice. Getting a parking spot makes me happy. Parking nicely within the box makes me happier.  😆

Went to the IT fair to get myself a wireless mouse and a cooling pad for my laptop. Crowded but because I knew what I wanted to get and where to get them, it was done fairly quickly but the crowd slowed my way out as there is only one entry and one way out. Nevermind because I’m still happy as I’ve wanted to get these since a hundred years ago but was contemplating if I should.

Had my lunch and started with the house chores. I usually stop at cleaning just one toilet out of the two but today, I vacuum, mop, fold 3 loads of washing machine washed clothes, cleaned 2 toilets and cooked. Tried something new…cooked bittergourd and beef with black bean sauce. Black bean sauce is something new…as I’ve not used this ingredient in my cooking before but have always loved the taste whenever I eat out.

In between waiting for the rice to cook and also 2 hours after dinner, I found myself munching on kimchi. This is just so not me. Honestly, I’ve never liked kimchi. I did not touch a single kimchi when I was in Korea few years ago. It is until I started learning Korean and started patronising Korean restaurants more that I’ve learned to take kimchi and have now grown to loving it a lot.

I also cooked more rice today because I had wanted to cook kimchi fried rice. I’ve never tasted kimchi fried rice before…I should before I try cooking on my own…but I don’t think I can wait. The desire just came as I was munching on kimchi just now. Hoping for more cooking adventures. Kimchi or not!

Time for bed. 잘 자요