Dear Bunny,

If he is the one, please pave a way for me. Allow me to have the ability to know and understand this person without being affected too much by what others may think. Please also help me to think crystal clearly of who is sincere and who is plotting a scene behind. I have been through this before and do not want a repeat. I’m a bit doubtful of people being too nice and people saying something but mean differently in reality.

Yours faithfully,

The Delivery Guy

I received an SMS from a number that I do not know just before 11am today informing me that he’s coming to deliver a package, asking me if I’m home. So I replied saying I’m not home and asked if he could deliver it tomorrow afternoon. He said no and he’ll leave it at guard house, asking me if that’s fine. Ok, I said fine. (I was a bit doubtful if the guard would actually sign and acknowledge receipt of the parcel but I thought I could let him try. It’s a 50-50 chance. There are guards who are ok, there are guards who just refused to do that.)

I assumed he managed to deliver because he replied with a thank you.

So when I got home, the first thing I did was  to walk up to the guard house and asked for my parcel. There was none. So I called the delivery guy and asked where exactly did he deliver it to and whether he really did deliver it. He was 100% sure that someone from the guard house signed it, with his passport number and told me not to worry and to call him back after I check with the guard house again.

So, I made another call to the guard house stating that the delivery was made and the security guard said he’ll check and call me back.

One hour has passed but my intercom didn’t ring.

Not wanting to talk on the phone on matters like this, I walked out again, with the consignment number, unit number and name written on a paper just to try my luck again if they’ve found it, else they would have to find it no matter how.

Again, they said there’s no such parcel. I asked the guard if he was around when the delivery was  made at 11am. He confidently said yes, he was there since 8am and saw no delivery guy.


I walked home and SMSed the delivery guy for the passport number, so that I could check with the guard house again of who actually acknowledged receipt of the parcel. Just after I sent that SMS, there was a knock on the door.

When I opened the door, the guard was there with my parcel.

“Where did you find it?”

“I’m so sorry. It was behind the chair, we didn’t see it.”

Then, I called the delivery guy who just replied my SMS with the passport number, just to tell him I finally got my parcel. That was only my purpose. But he kept wanting to talk, asked me if I’m from Sabah (my phone number is a hint), asked me what that parcel is, if it’s the first time I’m using this courier service, that if the next time he sees the name “Grace”, he would definitely make sure he doesn’t deliver it to the guard house but deliver it to me personally to my house and bla bla bla.

I kept trying to cut the conversation by saying ok, thank you, sorry for the trouble and finally he ended it with, “Keluar jumpa ya? Byebye.”

Oh God.


What is your Nationality?

This conversation took place in Microsoft Office Communicator.

Colleague: If you don’t mind me asking, what is your nationality?

Gracie:  I’m Malaysian…Chinese. Why?

Colleague: I see. I thought you’re Korean.

Gracie: *laughs at the screen* Really?

Colleague: Yes, you look like a Korean actress in Philippines. Her name is also Grace.

Oh btw, colleague is a Filipino. And I drove home happily.

Many Little Thoughts

I do miss the old place, especially when I get to be a little free and my mind would start to wander. The fact that I’m also bumping into people from the old place isn’t really helping.

I just want to tell myself that it’s ok to miss but it’s more important to look forward. Things are not as rosy as it seems now but I always think everything happens for a reason. It is a path I chose to walk and I should do my best as I always would.

I’m always thinking about things that I’ve not done and how they seem to pile up because I’m always setting something for myself to do. It’s really for the good but I would like to remind myself that I should also keep into account the things that I’ve done. It may seem insignificant as compared to the amount of things that needs to be done but I should give myself a pat on the shoulder if I’ve at least made some small progress each day.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. Hence I’m getting more philosophical and abstract than usual. I kinda enjoy it though. 🙂