Happiness is…#78

I was doing my groceries shopping and had put in the Scotch-Brite sponge scrub into my shopping basket. I turned around and walked a few steps and was met with 2 “superheroes” of Scotch-Brite, holding yellow and green balloons. One of the girl gave me a free sample of Scotch-Brite’s scouring pad. She looked into my shopping basket and said, “Oh, you are buying Scotch-Brite products. You can pay and then show your receipt at the end of this pathway and redeem your goodie bag worth RM30.”

So…I did and when I went to the redeem my goodie bag, I was asked to pose like a superhero with the goodie bag and so I did. But then they wanted me to repeat my pose for the phone camera. And so I did it again with my goodie bag up in the air and me and my 2 “superheroes” shouting “Scotch-Brite”! A little bit shy because there was a mini crowd but did it anyway.

The goodie bag was sealed so I couldn’t see what’s inside till I got home. I have got 5 different Scotch-Brite products. Yay!ย  ๐Ÿ˜†