I’m writing about this for the 100th time.

Over the span of 3 days, I have been asked the same golden question. You see..I attended a wedding with my mum last weekend. I don’t even know the bride and groom but I had to be there because Pappy wasn’t free to go so Mum needs company and a driver. In the end, Iris and I tagged along and we were seated at a different table as that of Mum. Boring to say the least. The only interested thing that happened was Mum introducing  us to her table of ex-university mates. One of them asked for our age. When I told him I was 30, I had to repeat the word “Thirty” twice. While walking to get the car after the wedding, Mummy told me, “My friend said you look like you’re 19, not 30.” Right.  😆

I think I should go back to college.

The next day, I attended the full moon buffet lunch of a friend’s baby. Her second child. She is of the same age as me. So it has been a series of wedding and babies popping out everywhere because I had to tell Mum who this friend is and subsequently a lot of babies of other friends came into the story.

Mum, as always, is asking me the same question. “When is my turn?”

I told her…it’s not that I don’t want to get into a relationship. It is just not happening yet.

I would love to…once again..hold hands and all. Pour all of my problems to him. Share my thoughts with him. Love him like as though it’s never gonna hurt. Cook for us, whether he likes it or not. Think about growing old together. Build a home together.  Have kids and become the world’s most loving mum. Really. Because if you ask me what do I see myself in 5 years time. My answer would be “Married happily with kids.”

So until then, until a guy finally has the courage to come tell me face to face, not through Facebook or Whatsapp or GTalk or MSN but look at me…straight into my eyes that he loves me and that he would want to protect me from all harm, I will promise to love myself more until that day comes, when I can give him all the love in the world.

How does it feel like being single for 4 years now? It feels constipated to contain the love inside this body for so long. I’m happy but I think I can be happier.

It’s Friday tomorrow..actually it’s Friday now (1:05am, yeah, I don’t know what’s with me, still writing at this hour) and I’m going to wear my flower dress. I’ve already picked what earrings I’m going to don myself with. Actually, I’m wearing it already. HAHA. Iris walked in and asked me why I’m wearing two little white roses to sleep. I’m just lazy and I’m afraid I”ll forget to wear them so I’m just going to wear them to sleep. All I need to do tomorrow is wake up, wash up, get dressed and head to work. Earrings readily attached.

Good night my loved ones.  :love: