Happiness is …#83

When my boyfriend “saved” me from a huge lizard that appeared in my house by “battling” it for half an hour or so. Trapped it into a big plastic container without the intention of killing it and set it free amongst the bushes. It was really huge. He was scared of it too but he knows I’m more afraid of it than him. I was clapping my hands when he succeeded in dealing with it. Even asked him to include it in his CV for his “achievement”.

Hope big lizzie would not recognize its way back to my house!


Today is not the best of days.

Been thinking of many things. Not sure if what I’m thinking ought to be taken into serious consideration or should I let it sink in for awhile and then take it out again to re-evaluate if I should be thinking this way.

What really matters now is I should just focus on nothing but revising for my Korean language exam this Sunday. I’ve also made up my mind to continue with my Korean learning because I’m neither here nor there. Stopping would be a waste so I’m just going to continue as long as I still can. And that’s the only thing that makes me feel like I’m actually learning something.

As long as I feel I’m learning something new, I won’t feel lost. Despite of whatever that is happening, I want to stay positive.

Actually…there are so many things that I want to do but I really got to hold it back and attempt one thing at a time.

Feeling very restless. All I want to do now is to hug my soft toy duck.

Good night.