The Book that Turned Me Around

I walked into a book store unplanned and randomly picked up a book because it had a 20% discount sticker on it. I flipped the pages and found myself loving the book as I read on. There was just something about it that opened my mind and I knew I had to buy it. And I did. It felt like an impulse purchase, something which I’m very careful about lately but I’m happy I bought the book when I got home and flipped even more pages of it.

Life Lessons from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma. This is the book and I love it!

I’ve been trying to shake off the negative aura within me as lately I’ve been a little stressed, a little tensed, feeling distracted with too many distraction, not having enough time for myself, not having control with life. I started to incorporate mini changes into my life by gradually building a daily routine so that I could instil a sense of control and security over myself.

1. I’m getting to bed earlier by 11 or 11.30. Definitely asleep by 12 midnight. With that, I wake up earlier, sometimes way earlier and I wake up around the same time almost everyday and I feel good. I feel healthy.

2. Because I wake up earlier, I’m reaching the office earlier too and I get off work earlier to get more personal time after work for myself.

3. I take every opportunity I have to exercise. Walk around my apartment compound, swim, or do some stretching. I’m pleased with the dedication I have so far and would like to continue this so that all mini changes I’m doing will become a habit.

4. I’m also cooking at every chance that I get because it saves money and it’s healthier and makes me feel great when I get to feel comfortable in the kitchen after not cooking for awhile.

5. I’m starting to get into doing things I like again. Reading books, listening to music…

This is what I’d like to stick to and make sure I’m disciplined enough to do it. I still get moments that I worry over things, moments that I’ll shed tears because at times I just feel I’m not where I am yet even though I’m trying but comparatively things are turning for the better. That’s the direction I’m headed to. There are so many things I’d like to do but I’m just going to continue with the items listed above. The book came in handy because while I was instilling the mini changes into my life, it appeared and reinforced the positive thinking in me.

I’m thankful. 🙂