Happy Easter!

I had a mini holiday over the Good Friday and Easter Monday (replacement for Easter Sunday) weekend as my holiday is now based on the public holidays in Australia instead of Malaysia. The bad thing about it is that it’s 8 days lesser as compared to the number of public holidays we get for Malaysia and there’s no holidays on Chinese New Year and I would have to apply for them. The good thing is I get to run errands on my days off like these.

Last Friday was an important day as Mr.Boyfriend and I went to book the date for our ROM (Registration of Marriage). It was a quick and simple process at the JPN and Thean Hou Temple.

We also went for our pre-wedding photoshoot yesterday and it was a fun and enjoyable day in the bridal studio. I was excited about it that I wasn’t able to sleep well the night before and came home collapsing on the bed once I reached home after the photoshoot. It was from 10am to 4:30pm.

We had bah kut teh as dinner to satisfy my cravings because I’ve not had rice for so many nights over the span of a month or two in the effort of losing weight. Starting tomorrow, it’s going to be back to eating healthily and exercise regularly to continue to shed more weight. I’ve got 4 months to go to get in shape to fit into my cheongsam for the ROM. If all else fails, I would need to rethink of what to wear but I really really would like to fit into that cheongsam.

Two big things done and many more to-do items on the list awaits us. Busy days ahead! ๐Ÿ˜€