Getting into a Routine

December was a super lazy month for me. The wedding happened and I had a lot of free time on hand as I was free from all those wedding planning. Gained a kilogramme. Ate a lot. Ate things I like. Didn’t exercise as much as I did due to the holiday seasons. Slept a lot.

Came January and I started to go into a routine. The little one (niece-in-law) started going to a montessori and being the only one who’s still unemployed in the house, I’m driving her to and back from school, accompanied by her favourite Grandpa. I get up at 7 something to be ready by 8am. School starts at 8:30am.

The first week of montessori was an interesting scene. I sat on the little bench outside while Grandpa walked the little princess up to her class. Wailing boy at the gate, hoping to get a sight of his parents who just dropped him off. A crying boy in the arms of his mother, shouting “I want Mummy!” even though Mummy is already carrying him. Another little boy was sobbing silently. He was trying very hard to hold back the tears. He was sad that he’s left alone without his parents but he also knew he had to go to school. Amidst the tears, he took off his shoes, obediently put the shoes on the rack and then stepped into the montessori. It was funny and at the same time heartbreaking.

Then there was one little girl who walked into the gate of the school in a very cheerful demeanour. She was holding on to her little dog soft toy and walked joyfully. Seeing her makes you happy.

The little princess did well on her first day too. She didn’t cry. She loved school. She was down with fever the day before and insisted on going to school despite everyone telling her she can’t since she’s got a temperature. Such persistence! Me and her Grandpa surrendered to her request and brought her to school only to be told by her teacher after having her temperature taken to go home. She obediently obliged.

Apart from that, I also drive my mother-in-law to buy vegetables on some mornings. In between my free time, I’m starting to look out for jobs. Attended one just yesterday and there’s two more upcoming interviews. Let’s see where I’ll land.

2014 Flashback

January: Started a new job. No longer being in the same office of my then husband-to-be. Being comfortable and more open about the relationship. Removed a lot of stress.

February-March: Working very hard at the new workplace.

April: Took pre-wedding photos and booked the date for our ROM(Registration of Marriage)!

May-June: Took the plunge to take a career break because the work stress is making me go haywire. Travelled to Bandung with my sister as a pre-wedding gift for me.

July: Started going for yoga. Diagnosed with dengue fever and had a depression relapse not long after that. This is the worst birthday for me as it was the last year. Depression haunted my favourite month for 2 years.

August: Morning depression disappeared. Travelled to Shanghai and Chengdu. Signed the papers and became someone’s wife legally but still acting like I’m single. 😀

September: Trying my best to be in control of my well-being, physically, mentally and emotionally. Travelled back to Sandakan.

October: Religiously doing my exercises. Yoga, tennis.

November:  Got married!

December: Honeymoon in Bali.