A New Life For Grace

I was de-cluttering the house as part of my career break project and I found this piece of paper among the pile of unwanted paper that I was about to give away for recycling. It was titled as the above and it read…

The past will always remain as the past whether you like it or not. Some things can be undone while some are better left alone. Some people are worth waiting but some are meant to be left alone. Giving out all you have may not be as fruitful as getting all you want in return. Life’s like that and you gotta get used to it. It sucks when someone doesn’t give a damn about how you feel or what you do. You just gotta accept it for life’s not a bed of roses and even roses have thorns.

It hurts and dampens the heart so much when you feel so empty when you have done so much to gain something. No matter how hurting it is, it is even better than saying words and doing things which are stupid and not meant to be…just because of the non-lasting anger. It”ll only get you feeling remorse…so scarred in the heart that will continue to haunt you as time goes by. Hearts may be broken but not the spirit within. When you feel that life is just a stupid game…well,.it is if you think it is. Holding on to something too desperately will only let it fly away yet holding on to something too loosely will only let it slip away.

People become sad because they expect too much. Expecting too much is not totally wrong but once you know you’re expecting too much, just let it go a bit.

On well, always remember that it’s through pain that you gain. Winter is always followed by spring. So often we hear about all these beautiful quotes but never really understand the real meaning behind it.

A sad moment in life is just like a river bend where you row harder. Great life with great achievements is only there when there’s great risk and great love.

Life is short so make it sweet and as Papa said, “Life is too short for us to suffer”.

Dear Ducky on a lonesome night

I read and laughed. I let my mum read it too and I was laughing at some parts when she read this piece out loud. She commented on how someone who could write this fall into depression.

Anyway, this note was written when I was in my earlier 20s on a lonesome night with a very broken heart (after a bad breakup but I forgot which guy I was with) but with a determined heart to bounce back.


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