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  • Goodbye Braces!

    I didn’t had the sleep I want because I had to wake up earlier today to get to work because I need to get off work early too…to get to the dentist. I was really sleepy at work, words cannot describe and then I walked to the dentist once I got home. The one hour […]

  • So Near Yet So Far

    I went for another dental appointment today. I was expecting the dentist to fix the retainer for me but there’s still a little gap so this is the final visit before I get my retainers done. I can’t believe it has been 2 years and 11 months…so this braces journey is definitely going to take […]

  • Hooks

    Went to the dentist after work and he fixed 4 hooks on the front upper and lower jaw to accommodate the elastic bands that will pull it together to close the gap. It is the ugliest look I’ve ever had for the entire braces period I’m going through. Generally, when I have those elastic bands […]

  • Another Tooth Extracted

    I went for my usual monthly visit to the dentist today with no feeling or expectation. The dentist told me to have a tooth extracted to end the misery of my braces episode. I’ve been enduring with the existence of this tooth for a very long time. It’s a very lengthy story and I don’t […]

  • Wisdom Tooth

    My gum was painful after I had lunch yesterday and it is quite annoying that I didn’t feel like talking. It got worse during dinner time so I only settled for porridge. Opening my mouth and swallowing was painful too because the gum got swollen. Checked out my gum and I can see some white […]