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  • Happiness is…#60

    Finding an old friend from Facebook. Someone I’ve not met for about 20 years. A boy from primary school and I hope I get to meet him next month.

  • Happiness is…#59

    Winning a lucky draw! Iris and I was having lunch and while we were eating, I saw the karaoke sign and thought about the birthday vouchers I still have. Free one head charge. And so we tried our luck if any room was available. Was told that it’s their anniversary and they have a lucky […]

  • Happiness is…#58

    Learning how to say happiness in Korean. 행복 (haeng bok) If you know Chinese, it is derived from the word 幸福.

  • Happiness is…#57

    Flossing without braces!

  • Happiness is…#56

    Buying and setting up a new laptop!!!!!