Happiness Is...

Happiness Is…#4

Knowing that tomorrow is a public holiday!

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu


Happiness Is...

Happiness Is …#3

When a stranger greets me Good Morning at the bus stop when I’m waiting to be picked up by a colleague.


Happiness Is...

Happiness Is… #2

Finally getting to meet a customer from another state after talking to her for more than a year. She’s pregnant but she looks very pretty. She gave me a heart-shaped potpourri and her name card.

The first thing she said to me after I introduced myself as the voice behind the phone, “Grace ni, orangnya pendiam di luar.”

Does my look really tell?

Anyway, I finally get to meet the lady who will never fail to ask me every morning if she happens to call, “Grace, dah makan ke belum?”


“Mesti makan roti lagi tu!”


Happiness Is...

Happiness Is…#1

Listening to Barry Manilow’s rendition of “All I Have to do is Dream” with the headset at the bookstore. The headset does wonders to the ear.

Then to turn around to see a little girl doing the same, enjoying the music so much that she starts to move around and lifts up her hands.