Category: Life

  • Cold

    I really really hate the aircon at work because it’s just too freaking cold. I was seen stuffing my nose with tissue throughout the whole day because of the coldness. Everyday I look forward to 5:30pm when I get just room temperature when the aircon goes off. And you know how when you’re suffering from […]

  • Wake Me Up When September Ends

    A primary school classmate of mine when we were studying together during Primary 1 and 2 found me on Facebook. After Primary 3, we started to lost touch because she had moved to KK. She still remembers my Chinese name and I’m so happy she still remembers me. I got most bookings done and itinerary […]

  • Planning a Holiday

    I’ve been staying up really really late for the past few nights to plan an itinerary from scratch, researching and referencing other itineraries I can find on the Internet, personalised and customised it to suit my family’s needs. With a relatively short amount of time as compared to what a normal itinerary would take and […]

  • 1…9

    1. I actually like my day today. Was alone most of the time after my 3-hour class in the morning. Came home and was studying Korean until now so you can say I studied Korean the whole day. Yes, I don’t know where I get the motivation, probably it’s the accumulation of guilt for not […]


    I think I’m going to like sleep like a pig tonight. I REALLY HOPE! I can sleep right now but I’m too full. I also hope to resume my normal life next week. It’s been ages since I last cooked. I’m looking forward to the 3-day break but at the same time still contemplating if […]