Category: Life

  • Stressed?

    Don’t know what’s wrong with me. Been 3 days that I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep well. Too many things I’m worried about because I find myself waking up with a heavy heart, thinking either about things I have to do, things that are not solved yet, things that […]

  • Air Tickets

    I’ve spent most of my money on flight tickets within these days. It’s not even funny. First, there’s this KL-Seoul return ticket that I’ve bought for next year. Then, there’s this KL-KK return ticket for 2. Followed by, KL-Singapore return ticket. The best part is….after buying the KL-Singapore ticket, I just realised my visit coincides […]

  • 맛있어요

    Had Korean food just now with a friend. She had bought a meal voucher which is a good deal for 2. I had fried fish and steamed egg at a Korean restaurant for the first time today. Was full to the brim as always after a Korean meal. When we were leaving, the restaurant owner […]

  • Count My Blessings

    I was all cool yesterday. Not knowing what else to prepare, I told myself I’m just going to go with the flow and be natural. I’m just going to talk the best I can. Today when I pushed the button in the lift, my heart started pounding fast. Okay…finally the panic sets in and I […]

  • Corn on the Cob

    Went for Korean class yesterday after stopping for a week as I was in Melaka. I haven’t been revising for the last 2 weeks because of the unexpected events that turned my usual routine upside down. Feeling a little pressured on Friday prior to class the next day but I got to tell myself language […]