Category: Life

  • Taken for a Ride

    I received an SMS beginning of the week and expected the worst. The next day I received a call with bad news. I expecting it coming anyway, just didn’t know the content of it. I walked back to my workstation, sat down and trying to digest what I just heard. For a split moment, the […]

  • Malacca

    I just got back from an awesome Melaka trip with a friend and 7 other new friends which I came to know from the trip. It made me see Melaka in a different perspective, got to know a little more of its history despite being there many times already. Visited places which if I were […]

  • Petrol

    It did not end with the body cream. Today I went to pump petrol. Upon paying at the cashier and instead of pumping petrol, I got into the car, started the engine, drove an inch ahead and then I realised I haven’t pump petrol. I talked out loud to myself. What is wrong me. what […]

  • Shower Cream

    We ran out of shower gel and I saw one that Mummy bought a long time ago from a warehouse sale. Unwrapped the packaging and placed it in the bathroom. The next day my sister got to bathe first and she didn’t realise anything wrong with it. When I bathed, I just felt weird that […]

  • crazy

    I can’t believe it’s going to be August soon. I was hoping the crazy 2-weeks would end but there has been some change of events so there’s definitely another crazy week I’ll have to go through. I just feel that things are going at a pace that’s too fast for me but I’m coping. I […]