Taken for a Ride

I received an SMS beginning of the week and expected the worst.

The next day I received a call with bad news. I expecting it coming anyway, just didn’t know the content of it.

I walked back to my workstation, sat down and trying to digest what I just heard.

For a split moment, the tears welled up a little but they quickly went back because I told them to.

This thing had me stressed for like 2 weeks and in the end, it just vapourised, vanished into thin air.

I guess this is not meant to be and I have moved on since but I just wanted to write this down.



I just got back from an awesome Melaka trip with a friend and 7 other new friends which I came to know from the trip. It made me see Melaka in a different perspective, got to know a little more of its history despite being there many times already. Visited places which if I were to go myself, I wouldn’t have thought about going or knew it existed.

I enjoyed the tour in the Cheng Ho Cultural Museum. The lady did her job well in explaining the events, objects and happenings relating to Cheng Ho. Visited a model conservation project at Heeren Street. Bought a novel “Malacca – A Romance” from the same model shophouse. Jonker Street. Had laksa at Calanthe Art Cafe which also serves 13 states’ coffee of Malaysia. I didn’t try their coffee there because I was too ┬átired to risk not having enough sleep for another night but bought a box of coffee with 13 states’coffee sachet to try at I’ll have my little coffee journey around the 13 states whenever I feel like it.

Bought 2 souvenir magnets depicting the Peranakan/Baba-Nyonya culture at Malaqa Museum. Had chicken rice ball at Chung Wah. Portuguese-style baked fish at Portuguese Settlement was good. The mille crepe at Nadeje Cake House, Dataran Pahlawan was nice. Went to the Baboon House and walked around the garden towards the back of the shop and saw a very pretty dog. The kind that exudes charm and kindness from its eyes, telling you that you can share your problems and it is all ears. At least that’s how I felt..

Cheng Hoon Teng temple. Masjid Kling from the outside.┬áSri Poyatha Moorthi Temple (oldest Hindu temple in Malaysia) from the outside…and we stayed just opposite it at Cheng Ho Guest House.

Managed to clear my mind over the weekend and not think about work. But now that I’m back. The stress is back so before I take on the world again, I wanted to just write this post. I think half of my stress is self-inflicted as I tend to think far beyond what is necessary. I just think that it’s better to think long term sometimes so that I’m aware of the different possibilities if it happens but then again, it may not even reach that far for certain things so I may just be worrying over nothing. There are too much ambiguities and uncertainties floating around my mind and I don’t like uncertainties.

I saw a t-shirt while walking around little shops in Melaka that says…

Things To Do Today

1. Get up

2. Survive

3. Go back to bed

I’d like to start surviving now.



It did not end with the body cream.

Today I went to pump petrol. Upon paying at the cashier and instead of pumping petrol, I got into the car, started the engine, drove an inch ahead and then I realised I haven’t pump petrol.

I talked out loud to myself. What is wrong me. what is wrong with me.

This is bad. I’m just too stressed to think sanely. I need a holiday.


Shower Cream

We ran out of shower gel and I saw one that Mummy bought a long time ago from a warehouse sale. Unwrapped the packaging and placed it in the bathroom.

The next day my sister got to bathe first and she didn’t realise anything wrong with it.

When I bathed, I just felt weird that the shower cream wasn’t lathering….no bubbles or whatever…very moiturising..and then I looked closely at the label. It says BODY CREAM.

I was laughing to myself in the bathroom.

I’ve gone nuts.



I can’t believe it’s going to be August soon.

I was hoping the crazy 2-weeks would end but there has been some change of events so there’s definitely another crazy week I’ll have to go through. I just feel that things are going at a pace that’s too fast for me but I’m coping.

I spent the day doing nothing particularly important. I don’t know why I’d feel guilty not doing anything productive on a weekend. My mind is telling me I should do something, like house chores, learn something, study, read something but I’ve been glued to my monitor watching this Korean drama. It feels good to just watch because it takes my mind away from all the heavy stuff. But at the same time, I’m also feeling I’m wasting my time by just watching it.

Oh please kill me already.

Today for me is just like a pause button. Wanting the world to stop spinning for awhile. Just want myself to just not think about anything and just let myself rest for awhile. However, it plays by itself occasionally when one of those heavy stuff keeps popping into my mind.

Oh please kill me again.