Category: Love Story

  • I Hate and Love!

    After the drama I had last night, I went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet bowl and cried. Then, I walked out from the bathroom after bathing, went straight to the bedroom and sleep. I didn’t wish my mum good night or told her I am going to bed because I was still fuming. […]

  • Toxic Tears

    Happy Birthday to Ching! :d Finished the book last night and woke up reading a new book, “You’re What You Eat” by local author, Chia Joo Suan. This is bought by Pappy as well for everyone to read. Whenever I don’t eat right, Mummy would always always say to me, “You’re what you eat!” without […]

  • ???

    Tiba-tiba, aku rindu. SHIT!

  • ????? ????

    I love him. And I hate him. Sometimes I think I hate him more than I love him. But when I hate him so much, I feel that I love him more than I hate him. Each time after not meeting him for a long time, I tell myself that the next time I meet […]

  • Happy Fart

    Finally met him again today after 3 long weeks and we had dinner in Kepong. I’ve been very bitter and angry about him for the past few weeks. So much so that I thought when I meet him today, I would still be in the same mode. But there’s just something about him, or me, […]