Love Story

Lucky Draw

“What are you doing?”

“Talking to you.”

“Of course you are talking to me lah.”

“Last night I went for my company’s annual dinner.”

“So did you win anything?”

“Yes, I did.”

“So you’re just calling me to tell me you won a prize?”

“Hahahaa. Ya!”

“I told you already what. No one will wear those costumes. So what did you won?”

“Aiya. No lah…almost everyone wore costumes around the world ok? I didn’t win best dressed, I won one of the lucky draw prizes.”

“What did you get?”

“A complimentary 3D2N hotel stay in Bali for 2 persons.”

“So what are you trying to say or ask me?”

“Can you come with me?”

Love Story

Because I’m a Girl

I am tired of calling, so much so that I’ve given up calling him. He doesn’t pick up the phone. I was doing really well. Being unaffected and all. I didn’t shed a tear. I was just pretending I was single and leading the life without him in it.

Today he called out of a sudden. And he called for 6 times before I picked up the call. Don’t get me wrong. The phone was on silent mode and I was driving but I immediately answered when I got my hands off the steering wheel.


If I was alone, I would have shoot back at him. But because I was surrounded with fellow colleagues during lunch. I just let him have this one.

So I answered nicely, “The phone was on silent mode and I was driving out for lunch.”

He called again later at night and I asked him, “WHERE ARE YOU?”

He asked me why I sounded so angry. AHAHAHA


“It’s different. YOU’RE A GIRL.”





Love Story

I like to write love stories.

I was blow drying my hair when an SMS came in. It’s nice to have your hair washed in the morning, especially if you have long hair because you have the whole day to dry it without the sole dependence on the hair dryer. You won’t understand this unless you have thick and stubborn hair.

I lied down on the bed with my tummy pressing against the bed to read the SMS. I was expecting a friend’s message but it was from him.

Thanks for your understanding girl. When I have problems, you are always with me. And you didn't ask much because you know when's the right timing.

He calls me girl and I call him boy. Sometimes we don’t call each other names, we just hold hands.

He’s back to Ipoh to visit his grandma who was admitted to the ICU. I don’t know when he’ll be back or when I’ll meet him. I lied on the bed, gazing at the phone longer than I ought to. Re-reading the message until I felt satisfied.

He doesn’t usually say things like that. Sometimes I’m like that too. Always trying to act cool even though deep down inside the fire is burning! The most is I’ll write about how much I like him here but it doesn’t always come out from my mouth, having me telling him how I feel.

Don’t you feel that sometimes there is just no words to put to tell someone how much you love him? When saying I love you just isn’t enough?

And I must say..not asking him much about the whys is not easy. It tests my patience and surpresses my curiosity. You tend to be more curious towards people you love and he’s certainly one subject that I find it rather hard to grasp. But I do know that he doesn’t like to be binded tightly and he needs a lot of space. And I mean a lot.

I’m more towards the clingy type if I like you a lot. So, for me not to be too clingy is kinda difficult, which is why sometimes I get very restless when there isn’t much time for us to meet or when we do, time is just so short and that I feel like I haven’t cling to him long enough.

I’m still trying..trying to give him that space while remaining sane.

Today I feel like I’m falling in love with him again.

Love Story

Tak Cukup

We had dinner last night. Went to the mamak to have char kuey teow. It was quite nice. Actually, any food would taste nice if the one sitting opposite or next to me is him.

This morning we had brunch in Klang. Went to this place called Links Bah Kut Teh. I don’t know why the place is called “Links” since the chinese name to it is actually “Long” which meant Dragon. But it doesn’t matter because he is sitting next to me, feeding me with what he claims to be the top 5 bah kut teh in Klang. Yang ini I tak tahu.

And now I feel like smelling his shirt which he left behind. Something which I did yesterday afternoon because I was so bored sitting at home and suddenly thought about him. I’m crazy, kan?

Love Story

He’s Angry

For the first time, he is really angry with me. It wasn’t something too big to be angry about but I understand how some petty issues can annoy someone. And that some petty issue can be very big to some people.

I know something is wrong just listening to his voice but he didn’t want to say anything and kept answering me with just one word. Made me panic only!

But after talking to him normally after I’ve apologised and asked him not to be angry with me and that I’ll not repeat whatever I did that he didn’t like, I went to take my bath. And while I was hanging the towel, I couldn’t help but smiled very stupidly to myself because I think if he doesn’t care about me, he won’t even get angry and get jealous le kan?