Category: Love Story

  • Like Sugar

    I was feeling very sleepy in the office today. But when he called, I suddenly felt wide awake. And I was feeling very happy. So happy that I was smiling at the computer screen and can’t help squeezing my face and eyes, because it’s so sweet! Meeting him is like striking lottery or jackpot. Sometimes […]

  • ????

    I finally get to meet him on tonight. We had Korean food at Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant at Desa Sri Hartamas. Come to think of it, I’ve never had Korean food in KL before. I miss the one and only Korean restaurant in Sandakan. I don’t remember the name. I think it’s Seoul Garden..but they […]

  • How is Your Flu?

    I was writing something else but have put that on hold because I must write this down now. We don’t meet everyday but we make sure we call each other everyday. Not an agreement but it somehow happened that way, even though sometimes the conversation just lasts less than a minute. It can be just […]

  • I Want to Love Him

    it’s eleven o clock and thirteen minutes on a tuesday night and i suddenly have this sudden surge of emotion. i want to love him.

  • And When I Miss You So…I Cry

    This happened on the first day that Streamyx was down. I went to look for him at his workplace. Thought of appearing unannounced, just to give him a surprise and make him happy. But I thought maybe I should just give him a call. So I called him from the parking bay. “I’ll call you […]