Category: Movies I Watch


    Went to watch Transformers today with my colleagues. I must say it is VERY VERY GOOD. Even better than Spiderman 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Oh my God, it is so good! Especially when they transform! My favourite Transformers is Bumblebee, followed by Optimus Prime. Autobots, roll out!

  • Mr.Little Guy

    There was no Mr.Big Cockroach today but there was a little small insect, I don’t know its name. Shall call him Mr.Little Guy. It looked like it won’t harm me so I decided that it could stay. I didn’t kill it. Just finished watching “The Holiday“. I liked it very much.

  • Sunshine

    If you are planning to watch Sunshine, don’t! A friend wanted to watch this movie and she’s got 2 free movie tickets so I just tagged along. The first half of the movie was actually quite good, seeing the space ship and understanding what their mission is all create a star within a star. […]

  • Cinta

    Mummy wanted to watched Cinta so much. She read about it in the papers. I knew there was such a movie but I just didn’t bother watching it. And because it was released on 30 November, not all cinemas are showing it now. Luckily, TGV still does and today, the three of us, Mummy, Pappy […]

  • Happy Feet

    Perhaps if you have not watch the animated movie, you might want to skip this. Was seated next to a budak kecil whose mum sayang him so much, she has to hold him by grabbing his butt throughout the movie. Sitting behind me was another budak kecil whom already has a happy feet before the […]