The Ant Bully

Had dinner at 5:15pm today. The earliest dinner I’ve ever had so far. I cooked today and I’m happy with that because you have no idea how lazy I can be. Menu: Bitter choy sum (RM0.50 per bundle) and steamed pomfret (priceless as it’s flown in from Sandakan.) And then, Iris and I went to… Continue reading The Ant Bully

A Moment to Remember

Went to watch a movie with Darling Iris today. I’m spending most of my time with her now because next month onwards, I won’t be coming home with a sister to greet me. She’ll be in UK studying very hard to become a successful lawyer. My sister is smart, smarter than me. She’s brave too.… Continue reading A Moment to Remember

I Not Stupid Too

You MUST watch this movie! It’s a sequel to “I Not Stupid”. I thought this was even better than the first. It’s so good that a mother said, “I love you” to her son when they walked out of the cinema. I can’t help but smile as I walked behind them.

Pride & Prejudice

Today’s a movie day for me. Wallace & Gromit – Curse of the Were-Rabbit was fun to watch! Watched Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice after that and I simply love the movie! I came out feeling all nice, sweet, warm and fuzzy. I liked the script a lot. It was interesting to see Keira Knightley… Continue reading Pride & Prejudice

Lazy Sunday

A lazy Sunday spent watching a French movie, Marche de l’empereur, La (March of the Penguins). Penguins are very tough and resilient, having to endure the bitter coldness and long miles of what seemed to be endless ice walks. The way they care for the young, sheltering them from bad weather and withstanding hunger for… Continue reading Lazy Sunday