Movies I Watch

The Ant Bully

Had dinner at 5:15pm today. The earliest dinner I’ve ever had so far. I cooked today and I’m happy with that because you have no idea how lazy I can be. Menu: Bitter choy sum (RM0.50 per bundle) and steamed pomfret (priceless as it’s flown in from Sandakan.)

And then, Iris and I went to watch The Ant Bully.

ant bully

When it comes to cartoon and animation, it goes right to the top of my list, I don’t know why. Sometimes I feel like I’m still a kid. Normal people would pick “Click” which is what most people have watched but then I haven’t. And I didn’t tell you I’ve never watched Matrix yet.

I am so cartoon.

Life Movies I Watch

A Moment to Remember

Went to watch a movie with Darling Iris today. I’m spending most of my time with her now because next month onwards, I won’t be coming home with a sister to greet me. She’ll be in UK studying very hard to become a successful lawyer. My sister is smart, smarter than me. She’s brave too. Unlike me.

Maybe it’s a good thing that I’m unemployed for now, I get to spend time with her. I mean I only have one sister. Who else do I love, if not her?

The name of the movie is the same as the title of this blog entry.

The actress is very pretty. The actor kills too. He’s not really the very very handsome kind of man but there’s something about his looks combined with his character that makes him handsome. I like him. At least to my definition.

Love story. Korean. I like. Didn’t get to cry though because I wasn’t emotional enough today. I can cry to scenes that are not sad but relates well with me of my certain past or experiences. And also to sad scenes that I have not experienced but able to imagine how sad the sad can be when experiencing it.

The other girls the same row as us did cry. They were laughing at themselves for crying.

And after watching the movie, the title to it just feels so right. Perfectly named.

Now, I’m going to write where my mind takes me too. So it’s going to be some random thoughts.

The mosquitoes like me. No, they don’t like me. They love me. So very much. Tomorrow, I’m going to get myself a Ridsect because what’s left now is the Roach Killer.

When you are not working, things break down because they know you have the time to fix it. My toilet light is not working. Two gentlemen have helped me with the fluorescent tube but it ain’t moving an inch from its current position. Darling Iris and I have tried taking it down before we called for help so looks like I’ve got to call Mr.Electrician over again. Which only means wallet will bleed a little bit more in exchange of “the light”.

Wallet, just hang on there till I get a job okay? I promise you I’ll fill you with so much love, you’ll be so touched.

My ATM card wasn’t working due to pin error. Some banks just don’t like some banks. So my card was the victim. Actually I also don’t know why there was a pin error. I’ve been using the same pin code and there has never been an error. When the system prompt me for a second input, I pressed every single number so carefully but still it was the wrong one.

So called 03-20703333 for help. She sounded nice on the phone and I hope I did sound nice too when I was in a position like hers during my tenure in a call centre. And now my ATM card is alive again. Oh well, maybe it’s just a sign that I should watch my wallet.

She then asked me to register for phone banking. I asked her how. I’m going to listen to her this time and I’m going to register for phone banking. It’s something new for me to learn and experience anyway. And I’m doing it because when I used to tell my customers to do things that will do them good or ease their lives, they just wouldn’t want to listen to me. And it’s not a nice feeling you know?

And ohh…I did call up another bank too and spoke to another nice lady. The arrival of my new credit card has been delayed long time, you see? And she said it’ll take 7 working days after she takes down this request of mine. To me delight, it arrived the next morning when I was still sleeping soundly. But Mr.Credit Card, I won’t be able to swipe you yet. Wait till I get a job first. Or maybe I should say my paycheque for 2 working days in June and for July.

Yes, I’ve never been delayed payment of salary for that long. But I will wait.

I’m always asked this question, “Have you found a job?” or “How’s your job-hunting?”

As much as I would love to answer you, sometimes I feel one kind when being asked that question. I think it’s because I don’t like the idea of me without a job. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do, to have a job. When you don’t have one, it’s like either something is wrong with you or there’s something wrong with you. And it’s abnormal to not have a job. It’s okay if you’re single but not when you don’t have a job. And I’m single and jobless. woo hoo hoo. Let’s just say, I’m taking a break for a longer, tougher journey ahead.
But then why do we want to care about whether not having a job feels so wrong, isn’t it? I would like to work, it’s just that I am still not employed yet. At least, I will not go out to the streets to snatch people’s bag and subsequently slash them out of life. Okay, which now reminds me of something someone said to me this morning, “Grace, I think you should be a politician because you can influence people and you touch people’s lives. You should do something for the safety of the community now. More so, you’re jobless.”

Thank you, my friend. But Grace is no politician. And I’m sure you were just kidding.

I sometimes don’t feel safe walking on the streets. Whenever I hear the sound of a motorbike, my heart shrinks. I’m scared because I was once mugged by a motorcylist and so I am very sensitive to the sound of a motorbike. But maybe I should thank him for not taking away my life. Just that my sense of security is not the same as it used to be anymore.

An ex-colleague MSN-ed me today asking for help. Some questions about Microsoft Excel, about a document in which I updated with auto-filter. This is something I learnt from my first boss which I’m applying in my 2nd job. And now that I’m gone, fellow ex-colleague doesn’t know what I did to the document. So I taught her and I like to share my knowledge if I know the subject to it.

But one thing I must confess, that I still miss my first company. It’s like my first love. So unforgettable. I sometimes talk about it with so much pride and happiness you know? Even though it’s all over now.

I’m still in contact with my then toilet buddy. She will either email or SMS me. The 18 year old girl who has just been transferred to the counter. She tells me of her stories so sometimes I feel like I’m still there. She always says she misses me and will always tell me, “Grace, you balik kerja sini lah. Saya rindu kamu. Saya takde kawan di sini.”

It’s 3 am. Which means I should be asleep 3 hours ago.

Cows don’t lie. Yes, Tim, you are a good leader.

Sweet dreams.

Movies I Watch

I Not Stupid Too

You MUST watch this movie! It’s a sequel to “I Not Stupid”. I thought this was even better than the first.

It’s so good that a mother said, “I love you” to her son when they walked out of the cinema. I can’t help but smile as I walked behind them.

Movies I Watch

Pride & Prejudice

Today’s a movie day for me.

Wallace & Gromit – Curse of the Were-Rabbit was fun to watch!

Watched Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice after that and I simply love the movie! I came out feeling all nice, sweet, warm and fuzzy. I liked the script a lot. It was interesting to see Keira Knightley playing Elizabeth Bennet, all sharp-tongue and witty. Matthew MacFadyen who played Mr.Darcy was a man of pride but showed intense loyalty and a loving heart. His aloofness is intriguing and I fell in love with that.

pride and prejudice

I want to watch it again and again. I want to read the book as well, to absorb the script and appreciate it better.

I have a feeling that I won’t be able to sleep tonight because I’ve been thinking and dreaming about it all day.

Oh yes, I love love stories!

Movies I Watch

Lazy Sunday

A lazy Sunday spent watching a French movie, Marche de l’empereur, La (March of the Penguins).

Penguins are very tough and resilient, having to endure the bitter coldness and long miles of what seemed to be endless ice walks. The way they care for the young, sheltering them from bad weather and withstanding hunger for a few months is worth applauding.


The movie gave me a different perspective about penguins because all I know about them is cute, cute and cute. I still remember seeing a penguin in the Singapore Zoo, staring blankly at the mirror, looking at itself for so long, not moving an inch even though it was feeding time. It was funny. Then, you’ve got the psychotics penguins from Madagascar if you still remember them.

Remember, cute and cuddly, boys. Cute and cuddly. Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.

Did some laundry, read the papers, cooked, replied a letter I have been putting off so long and now it’s time for a nice warm bath.

I’m especially excited about going to work tomorrow because after that I will have a day off on Tuesday since it’s a public holiday. Yippie!

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