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  • Make You Feel My Love

  • 是否

    是否这次我将真的离开你 是否这次我将不再哭 是否这次我将一去不回头 走向那条漫漫无止境的路 是否这次我已真的离开你 是否泪水已干不再流 是否应验了我曾说的那句话 情到深处人孤独 多少次的寂寞挣扎在心头 只为挽回我将远去的脚步 多少次我忍住胸口的泪水 只是为了告诉我自己我不在乎

  • Olivia

    I’m downloading songs like crazy. I’m so in love with my Internet speed now. I was looking at a wedding video of a friend and it was accompanied with a background music. There was a very nice rendition of  “Sometimes When We Touch”, the kind of song that makes you go “Whoa, this is not […]

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