Life Work

It Has Just Begun!

For the first time in a very long time, I actually feel DRAINED while I was sitting on my desk today. Thank God that I only felt that way when it was time to go home. Stayed back for an hour or so to figure out something. My job is a lot about figuring out stuff, especially for someone new like me, I’ve more stuff to go figure. And because my mind was already stuck, I decided to just call it a day. I think I should be able to think better tomorrow.

And I’m really thankful because there are kind souls who are so ever willing to teach and guide me. But of course, you must ask! Well, it’s not going to be easy but I know I’ll learn a lot, at least in comparison with my previous job. I get paid more now so it actually means the work is more difficult too. But I believe I should be able to handle it but it may be tough for the first few months.

So long as I have lunch companions and supportive people around me, I think I can brave the storm. ūüôā

And for the first time in my life, I KILLED a lizard. I hate killing lizards, more than killing cockroaches. Lizards are hard to kill. I didn’t want to kill it but because it was easier to kill, since it was a baby lizard, I had to. The problem with my kitchen is that there are more lizards. There is a frequent visitor and like I’ve written on my earlier entry, I can recognise it by just looking at its eyes. It was there yesterday lurking around the sink. Gave me a good fright and jump when I turn on the tap. It was dry and there was no food, no nothing. It came too.

The other new frequent visitor is a striped lizard. I hate striped lizards. Though they are just lizards, they are scarier to look at. This one is of the same size as frequent visitor #1. And if I ever find it lurking around the sink while I turn on the tap, I think I’d just faint in the kitchen.

Latest addition is a baby striped lizard which I just killed. I was looking at it and imagining it growing big and all. I cannot take two striped lizards in the kitchen so what I did was to try to kill it. How? Spraying dish washing liquid on it but it still looked strong then I proceeded with aerosol spray. It was still strong. Then I gave up and today I think it’s dead. It was so small, I couldn’t actually just catch it while it was wet with the dish washing liquid but I wasn’t brave enough. Told you I hate lizards in the kitchen, especially striped ones!!!

Anyway, my daily routine whenever I go into the kitchen is I will go peek at the sink to make sure it’s lizard-free. Or switch on the light and then make some noise to announce to lizards if they happen to be around and getting jiggy with it in the sink that I’M IN THE KITCHEN SO PERGI MAIN JAUH-JAUH. Or if lizard is stubborn and love my sink so much that it’s not leaving, I’ll talk to lizard, “FASTER LA, FASTER GO AWAY”.

Can someone tell me how I can get rid of lizards in the kitchen? I don’t care if they want to stick on the ceiling or on the wall. Just don’t interfere with me in my kitchen, especially the sink.


One Month

It has been a month. How time flies and this time I’m going to have my first “full” paycheque of this new job of mine. The last time I got paid, it was only a week’s pay since I joined at the end of the month. That was easy money earned. ūüôā

This time around, it is a little harder and it will get even harder next month. But so far, I don’t have any major complaints.

Now, I really would have to learn to talk. There is more talking to be done here. Meetings, etc. It is very different from the previous job where talking was minimal. I love the way how some of them speak, with such good spoken English. Listen also will feel syok.

Well, this was what I was hoping for. A job where I’ll be required to talk more. So this time I’ll get to practise it.

Don’t worry about the post last night. I’m all cured already … until the next time it happens again. Tomorrow is Friday and Saturday is blood test day. It’s going to be my first. It was a sign, I tell you. I was thinking about doing it but just thinking and not doing anything about it until the other day, they were doing a promotion in a shopping mall and I just signed up. Doctor/Nurse, please be kind on me. And I hope I’m healthy.


Kerusi dan Meja

I love my work desk. And I mean it.

It’s spacious, curved in the middle so that you feel more comfortable sitting in front of the monitor.

I love my chair too. I normally lean back and push the chair as close as I can towards the desk. Then, I pretend to work professionally.

I’m beginning to love my colleagues too. A few that I’m beginning to get closer with. I don’t feel so lost now as compared to the first week.

Most important thing of all, I’ve got my lunch gang already!!!


So Long, Farewell

My last day at There was haze over in Cyberjaya out of a sudden but it cleared up¬†before noon.¬†I was cool and all. Worked as usual and tried to finish off as much as I could. I could have chose to laze and surf but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I bought one of my colleagues a pair of earrings¬†as a token of thanks and appreciation and she wore it to work today to show me how much she loved the earrings. She’s the first friend I had when I joined the company and has been my close friend ever since. I don’t like to refer her as my colleague because she’s more to a friend to me. If you are reading this, I’m glad you liked the earrings! ūüôā

There was a farewell party for me today with a chocolate cake, some fried meehoon and cucur udang. I’ve got a “Walking Nohohon Zoku” as my farewell present, together with a mobile phone holder. This “Walking Nohohon” will walk and say “Hello” and “I Love You” when you blow towards it, snap your finger or talk to it. Basically it reacts sensitively to its surroundings when switched on. Very cute!

Sent my colleague home for the last time and¬†he’s got to find his means of transportation starting tomorrow. It has been fun riding¬†home with him as I get to blabber a lot in the car. He’ll be listening and I’ll be blabbering.

To my surprise, he also got me something on top of the shared gift that everyone in the department chipped in to get for me. If you are emoticon-crazy, you would have come across this monkey emoticon. They are Yoyo & Cici. YoyoCici  This is what he gave to me and it came with a card, which was a killer. WHY?

After he got down from the car, I continued my journey home and I was already beginning to tear because I was already starting to miss the workplace. When I reached home and read the card, it somehow pushed the tear duct button.

He wrote,

¬†“I never expected I’d write you a farewell card. So sad, you’re leaving. But I’m glad to have fated to know such¬†a great person. I’m happy to know good things (job & boyfriend) are coming your way now. Wishing you great years ahead in your job, career, life and better boyfriendss…(Update me if it comes true)”

See the double “S” behind the word boyfriend? I wanted to laugh. I only need one good boyfriend and I’d smile dying. The boyfriend part is definitely¬†not a¬†good thing now and I’ve been telling him my relationship disaster stories. Current and past so he knows my frustration and hopes for a happy and fulfilling relationship.¬†I guess the tears moved more because I really hope things would be like what he’s written, that it is coming my way.

That aside, I also have poems written by another colleague. I don’t really know how to describe him. I’ve never spoken face to face to him with more than 10 lines. Our conversation has been limited to just conversations online and that is also quite minimal.

Today, he wrote me 8 lines.

Ah Grace lengnui
Ah Grace hou
Ah Grace hou zhan guai
yan wai Ah Grace zui oi sek “kai Si Kor”
Senyuman Gracie seindah suria
Membawa cahaya kepada semua
Semoga Gracie tetap ceria
Bisa menjadi kenangan semua




You know…before you leave, the company would like to hear from you,¬† about your opinion working in a particular place. Today I did what I just did. In fact, I think I wrote more than I should but it was because the form gave me only 3 lines and I can’t write something with just 3 lines. It’s either I write or I don’t. I ended up writing 1 page of comments and suggestions on a separate sheet of paper.

I don’t have to care so much you may say since I’m leaving but I just felt the need to do so. Maybe it’ll do some good for the others who are still there.

One thing I know… I think I just made someone hate me today for writing what I wrote. I have tried to sound as nice and as polite as possible but sometimes writing like that just doesn’t allow me to convey the message as intended. The truth always hurts. I don’t know where I found the guts to write today. Maybe when you have been trudging on silently for too long, you want to make your voices heard and when you do, it sounds exceptionally loud because all the while, there has only been silence.