Office Politics

I’ve often heard of how bad some office politics can turn out to be but I just couldn’t picture how terrible it could get. Today is one of the days in which I felt so much injustice. Today it also opened my eyes to another world that I knew existed but could never feel how it tastes like.

People can be so biased that they are blind. And if a person is set to nail a person down, he/she goes all out, in spite of whatever measures just to sabotage the other. It is so scary.

I felt very sad and angry for a colleague of mine who did nothing wrong but was sentenced guilty of committing an offence, which isn’t an offence at all. To me, the whole issue was ridiculous because accusations were simply thrown to the innocent faces.

It has taught me to be careful at work but then again, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be safe and protected.

Sometimes I just don’t understand why people love to play all these games at work, it is tiring you know? Just listening and knowing about it is tiring enough, what more being the one involved, being the one plotting the plan and carrying out the dirty tactics.

I sincerely hope that the truth will be revealed one day and that it will open the eyes for those who have been blind. The good ones will seek a better opportunity out there and the bad ones will have trouble sleeping at night.

Yeap, today I felt like strangling someone.

Life Work

2nd Day of Work

“Are you the quiet type?”

“I’m quiet when I’m with strangers but when I’m with people I’m close to, I become crazy!”

“Haha. Okay. I’m the quiet type.”

“Yeah, I can see that.”

Today I was given training and I’ve got work to do already.

I killed a spider while I was driving. Nothing great really because it was just a small spider. And I had to kill it because I kept imagining what if it got bigger and see it while I’m driving..then I couldn’t continue driving for sure.

Today’s a very long day and I got tired. It has been the longest day after my holiday. But I’m sure I’ll get tuned to it as I go along.

Someone called me unexpectedly this morning while I was working. I thought he was very brave to ask me out, to tell me how badly he wants his relationship with my sister to work. For the first time, I just sat there and listened to him for more than an hour.

“You are the only person I can talk to.”

It did change my impression towards him for the better bit. But really, everything lies in my sister’s hands.

Sometimes we don’t realise how important someone is, how much hurt we’ve imparted on someone until one day that person seems so far away. And then you feel like you love her so much and you know you loved her all along but you never showed it, thinking that someone would be kind enough to understand all your nonsense.

Anyway, I hope things will turn out fine.

Life Work

1st Day of Work

I was so excited and scared. I only managed a few bite of breakfast.

LDP was exceptionally smooth today and I have no idea why. It took me 35 minutes to get to Cyberjaya. Like a breeze.

And because of that, I was exceptionally early. I was told to report to work at 9 but by 8:15, I was already there.

Reported to Mummy that I have arrived safely and then I made my way to meet the HR Manager. He asked why I came in so early and explained to me everything that I need to know. He later showed me around and introduced me to everyone. I couldn’t remember all the names.

I was then passed on to the Deputy IT Manager who then introduced me to my team leader. My manager, he is a very nice man. I am seated in between an Indian girl and a Malay girl. Sitting in front of me is a Chinese girl who is also new. So, I call my row the multi-racial row and I like it. The Chinese girl came in on Monday. She’s a fresh graduate and two years younger than me. My first friend in this office. 🙂

I was told to surf and so I did.

I called Mummy again to inform her I’ll be leaving the office. Coming home took me 1 hour and 15 minutes. It was jammed from Puchong onwards and then I took what I thought was a shortcut as I was approaching home.

I was supposed to buy Mummy dinner tonight, to some place to have crabs but she was already cooking dinner because she wanted to join her friends for a lantern gathering.

“How is it?”

“Mee, I’m so happy today. I think I’ve found the meaning to life!”



3:30pm: Went to the toilet and did a Superman pose.

5:00pm: Walked out as a free woman.


I Quit


Saying goodbye hasn’t always been easy for me. But it wasn’t particularly difficult this time because I’ve only been here for almost 3 weeks, less than a month.

Today, I wrote an email to tender my resignation. Would love to do it face to face but he was not around.

He called me and my last day’s tomorrow.

I didn’t have to inform the rest because somehow someone knew and then everyone knew. A few were shocked because I didn’t told them anything. And I didn’t expect them to know it this way. I thought once I get a reply from him, I’d tell the rest but then it happened in another way.

They asked me why I wanted to quit. And I had to answer them with a few of them around. So, I just told them I didn’t find the job suitable for me. I said I don’t think I did a good job and won’t be able to do my best in doing this.

“I also don’t think this job suits you. Cannot imagine you doing this.” A colleague commented.

“But I think you’re doing fine! You learn things fast. At least you do. We’ve had people who knows how to do it but refuses to do it.” One of my colleague said.

I told her my heart’s not here.

And I always like it if I can do my best. It doesn’t matter if doing my best does not appear best to others. So long I know I’ve done my best, it satisfies me. And at the end of the day, what matters most to me is job satisfaction. That is a lovely little feeling that is capable of keeping me alive.

Hopefully, it’s not too far away.