Cook. Write. Pray.

Was supposed to: clean the house. Just clean the house.

What I actually did: Anything but clean the house!

1. Cooked dinner yesterday and today. Good!

2. I actually like writing in Korean. There’s just a kind of satisfying feeling whenever I complete a sentence, subsequently a paragraph and finally a whole essay. Sometimes I ask myself why I wrote what I wrote, how did I even thought of how to use the word. I can’t really explain it but it just seems to fall into place (in this case, on the paper) with just me, the pencil and the help of the dictionary for new vocabulary.  Oh. I love languages!  🙂

3. Washed and sent the car for service.

4. Went to the temple again, this time with a friend. She needed company.

5. Wished tomorrow was a holiday!


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