Depression #11: The General Practitioner

My mum wanted me to get a second opinion since I didn’t know whether I should really be on medication as what the psychiatrist has prescribed. I wasn’t sure if I needed a second opinion because whatever the next person tells me, I would believe it for awhile but the next minute, I would be doubting if it’s the right thing to do. Again, it boils down to the inability to make decisions.

But I went anyway. There is no harm. Just maybe I got more confused after that.

The first visit to the GP turned out to be a different doctor than the usual doctor I normally visit. He was on leave for a week so I was attended to by another lady doctor.

I told her straight that I was suffering from depression. It’s not easy to admit that you are in a depression and saying it out loud to someone. I said it anyway and she gave me some counselling which helped for like 24 hours. I still remember what she said to me and it’s one GP visit that I’ll never forget. And her words made me felt like she went through depression herself and she’s out of it now because I don’t think anyone can be so detailed into describing how it is like unless you’re in one before.

I was given MC to get days off work to rest my mind.

My second visit to the GP after a week or so was the doctor I usually see. He advised me to take one out of the two prescriptions that I was given and said I will be ok in a week or two. He told me there will be no side effects. (Maybe there is… I don’t know and he can’t be telling a depressed person how bad the side effects are if there really is one I thought).

In the end, I chose to listen to the psychiatrist advice and to this date, I have no regrets of taking medication because it really helped in stopping my panic attack and as of writing, I would like to say I have recovered even though I still have to continue my medication for another 6 months to prevent a relapse from happening.

Doctors are amazing, I’d say. I don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed of seeing the psychiatrist even though there may be a stigma that may label someone with depression as being weak. For all I know a person who has gone through depression, will come out stronger. As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I agree wholeheartedly.

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