Depression #12: Spotify

A friend introduced me to Spotify before I had my depression. It was during my depression period where I fully utilized this music streaming service. I can listen to music on my laptop as well as on my iPhone. I signed up for the premium version where I pay RM14.90 a month, which I think is cheap if you compared it with buying CDs. With this small amount, I exposed to a whole library of music, songs of different languages and genres, start a radio based on a certain song that I like, as well as discovering new songs and rediscovering old songs I used to listen.

I listened to instrumental and classical music a lot. I’ve come to know to names of classical pieces I used to play while I learned to play the piano when I was young. It’s been more than 15 years since I last touched a keyboard or a piano to really play a song. I miss those days.

Anyway, I listened to one particular track a lot. It’s Pachelbel’s Canon in D. There was just something with this piece of classical music that calms me. I also plugged in to Spotify while I read, which was also particularly helpful.

Spotify continues to be my companion while I work and while I’m having my me-time at home. That is how music has played a role in my depression recovery.

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