Depression #20: Shake No More

I woke up today feeling different. There’s a little joy in it but I was still cautious if the shaking would return.

I watched a heart-warming Thai movie today called “The Teacher’s Diary” and I was able to focus. Loved it so much. This is just my kind of movie. I do watch hero or action movie but I prefer something light, simple and heart-warming.

Overall, I’m seeing improvement in myself from the day I sunk into a depression relapse till now.

My memory is still not good but my appetite is back. Like it’s really back that I have to start controlling the urges because I’m not sure if it’s medication that’s causing the increased appetite or it’s just me. Either way I still have to watch what I eat and watch my weight.

I also had pearl powder which my dad got from the Chinese medicine shop. It’s said to give me courage (胆). Took it once a day for 3 days.

In short, everyone in my family and my fiancé have been scrambling around to find ways to support, help and cure me. From western medicine, Chinese medicine to talk therapy. I even went to see two neurologists to rule out that there’s nothing wrong with my nerves and both concluded that my shaking is caused by psychological stress.

I will not give up, will take it easy on myself and continue along the road of recovery.

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