Depression #21: Numbed

I sprung out of bed early in the morning when I heard the sound of my parents already waking up and my dad getting ready to go to the airport. I wanted to see him off. I gave him a hug and when I saw him getting into the taxi to leave for the airport, tears just flowed but I wasn’t able to feel any emotion. Then I recalled what the psychologist I saw few weeks ago told me that antidepressants would numb my feelings. Perhaps it’s true.

I went to church today to see a pastor. It was my mum’s idea to see her and she prayed for me. I learned a thing or two during the counselling session. She asked me to pray out loud instead of silently.

Had Ulam fried rice for dinner. It has been a long time since I had such big portion of rice but I just ate with such good appetite. Went for a night walk with my mum and sister after that and it ended with an ice-cream session. Totally not my kind of diet for now but I just indulged..just wanted to make myself happy.

The chocolate ice cream was heavenly and I slept like a baby.

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