Depression #23: I’m Planning Again!

I went for yoga for three days in a row. I’m less anxious for the past few days and my time planning is coming back to me. Before this, my days are muffled into one. Then, my family helped to plan things for me and set something of a routine. Now I’m glad that I’m able to start planning of what I want to do. It started with just planning for the day when I wake up. Then it moved on to planning for tomorrow.

Before this I was just living hour by hour, then one day at a time and I hope soon I’ll get to see a bigger picture and accomplish more.

I’ve been just being and doing whatever my mind and heart tells me too. Spent some money today buying sports bra and wedding accessories. The good thing is I’m not always calculating and worrying about the money too much.

Thank you God! Thank you Mummy! Thank you Pappy! Thank you Iris! Thank you hubby-to-be in 5 days! I love you all!

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