Depression #25: Road to Recovery

I’m back to Sandakan for a holiday. My mum insisted that I come back for at least 2 weeks. I was still worried that it would be too long a stay and I kept thinking about the many things that I still need to do…for myself, the house-decluttering project and the wedding. It’s my third day here and today I suddenly have the urge and motivation to build my wedding website. I’m grateful for the motivation that is resurfacing.

Previously I know I wanted so much to get the website done but then the urge died down while I was feeling stressed at work and needless to say, it totally went down the drain when the depression hit me once again. Having the ability to just focus and get my creative juice flowing is what I’m grateful for. I appreciate the gift of having the ability to focus so much more now. Let’s cheers to that!


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