Eye Surgery Part 1

It is approaching 48 hours since my eye surgery. It has been a roller coaster of emotions for me.

I was all gung-ho about the what it would be like for me after the whole procedure. No need for the use of glasses and contact lens and that I’ll be able to swim without the risk of infection with my contact lens on. I have high short-sightedness so the lens of my glasses are thick. I have no problem wearing contact lens but because my power has increased passed 1000, my choices of contact lens brand becomes limited too as not all brands cater for such high short-sightedness.

There wasn’t much that I worried about. Did the eye test to see if I’m suitable candidate. Turns out I’m suitable to do both LASIK and Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) because my corneas are thick and that the inside of my eyes are spacious enough to implant the lens. The doctor explained to me the options that I have and the pros and cons. I decided to go for ICL because it didn’t require the usage of eye tissue like LASIK and that this procedure is reversible. At any time if the lens removal is necessary, it can be done and I’ll be back to square one. As for LASIK, I may stand a chance of getting short sighted again as my power is high and the tissues required to perform this surgery exceeds the limit of what is allowed so my vision may not be corrected fully as what ICL can do for me.

So I didn’t worry that much and trusted the doctor. Didn’t felt worried or scared until the night before I’ll undergo surgery. Couldn’t sleep well, in fact I wonder if I had slept at all. My eyes were closed all night, mind was blank but just couldn’t fall into deep sleep. At times, I questioned myself if this was a right decision to make but I don’t really have a choice anymore because tomorrow is my surgery. (ha!)

On the day of the surgery, I couldn’t eat but forced myself to finish a bowl of porridge as I know if I don’t eat, I’ll be hungry in the operating theatre.

The centre was crowded for a weekday. I waited for my turn where they took my pulse count and was poked on the middle finger for a tiny bit of blood to test if I’m diabetic. Both middle fingers were poked because the first didn’t have any blood coming out of it. The second time the nurse helped to push the blood towards the end of my finger before she poked me again with a device. Even so she still had to squeeze my finger to push the blood out. See, even my blood was nervous!

Pulse reading was 98. Quite high but was told it’s normal before a surgery. Eye pressure was checked and then I was accompanied to the “No Entry” zone.

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