Eye Surgery Part 2

I was asked to remove my slippers and wore the slippers provided. I put my belongings in the locker and changed into the operation garment. Green attire and put on a shower cap and then what they call it the “socks”. Something like a shower cap but for the feet.

Was given some liquid to wash my face. All the above was done in blurry mode since I had to remove my glasses. I only had the locker key which I was allowed to keep safe together with me in the pocket of the operation attire.

The nurse put more eye drops on me like they did after checking my pulse and eye pressure. There was a patient resting on the chair and I waited for my turn.

I waited for another patient to undergo surgery before it was my turn. I was given more eye drops throughout the wait. The doctor checked on my eyes again and used a marker to point at my eyes because my left eye has astigmatism so he needs to make a mark before the surgery. Sounds scary because you know someone is pointing your eyeball with a marker but you don’t feel any pain as I was already given anaesthetic.

Shortly after that, it was my turn. Couldn’t see clearly anyway so I was only focused on the bed and the Ikea stool that I had to step on to get on the bed.

I was covered with another cloth and was given another drop of anaesthetic. My face was covered with another layer of I don’t know what and an opening was cut on that piece of thing to reveal my left eye. My job during the surgery was just to look straight up. Easy as it sounds, it was a bit difficult as the light was bright and glary but I didn’t want anything to go wrong so I made sure I look straight.

Doctor was talking to me and told me I was co-operating well with him. That gave me encouragement to continue to look straight.

There were two times I think when the eyes seem to black out. Times where I can feel liquid going around on the eye. Tools going across the eye from left towards the right of my left eye. Then a slight pressure of someone touching the iris. Everything that the doctor was doing, he explained to me so that I wouldn’t feel lost.

It sounds painful but I didn’t feel any pain. And when the doctor said he was done and everything went well. I thought to myself this is bearable and acceptable, I should be able to cope the surgery on my right eye better. Or so I thought.

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