Eye Surgery Part 3

I had to rest for an hour after my left eye surgery before having my right eye operated. The doctor asked the nurse to get me a hot drink. He was very caring throughout which made me felt at ease.

I was accompanied out to get my eye pressure checked and rest with a blanket on the massage chair after a small cup of milo. Was hungry already as it was already 3pm.

Doctor told me he’s going to do 2 cataract surgery before coming back to me. I felt young because most patients who were there are old and mostly are there for cataract surgery.

I was confident I would be able to feel more comfortable with the second eye surgery. I wasn’t sure if the anesthetic given to me was lesser as compared to the first eye. However, I could feel someone is doing something to my eye. It’s not painful, just a little pressure and it wasn’t very comfortable yet all I could do was to just look straight up and prayed that it will end soon.

I asked for more anesthetic to be put on my eye but it was almost done. Should have asked for me the second I felt discomfort but thought I was able to handle it. When I asked for more anesthetic, not knowing how long more it’ll take, it was actually approaching the end of the surgery.

The doctor gave me a drop of anesthetic anyway and told me its normal that I could feel more with the second eye as usually patient would be ignorant about the first eye and more conscious with the second.

When it was all over, I was so relieved. Was taken out again to check on my eye pressure. The nurse said it’s very high and something has to be done to lower it. It sounded serious and I have absolutely no idea what is to be done or the danger it entails.

Was given a pill called Diamox to lower my eye pressure and when the doctor finished yet another surgery on another patient, he checked on me and asked if I felt that my eyes were tight.

I felt uncomfortable with my right eye but couldn’t possibly describe or explained what it was. Probably tight was the word and I said it was a little tight and felt like it’s a bit painful when he pushed my eyelids up to check my eye but it could just be because I just had my operation and it came from the wound being touched.

He gave me another drop of something and then pressed my wound on the eye with what look liked a strip of paper. Immediately liquid came out of my eyes so I guess pressure was released.

Was given eye shield which made me looked like “Men in Black”. My boyfriend who was with me took my hands and drove me home.

The first realization after the surgery was I could see without any glasses or contact lens. Absolutely blurry but I could see without any visual aid. I wasn’t overjoyed yet but was comfort enough to know the surgery went well and I could see very blurry.

Part 4 will reveal what it is like post surgery. Stay tuned. 🙂

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